Planning your wedding

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St Mary’s Church is the ideal venue to host your traditional Christian wedding and celebrate God’s gift of love with your friends and family.


St Mary's offers:

  • Seating for up to 250 guests
  • 130 years of history, beautiful architecture, and original artworks
  • A fully integrated sound system with Bluetooth and the ability to play CD’s or MP3’s
  • A grand pipe organ (our organist can be engaged by your wedding)
  • A range of complimentary decorations
  • A separate hall for refreshments or a full reception.
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Further information:


Initial Planning

You will meet with our Vicar and his assistant who will discuss options for your Christian wedding.  They will help you decide on the form of service (traditional or modern), music choices, readings, decorations - all the things that will make your wedding day truly special and memorable.  The Vicar generally meets with you two or three times in the lead-up to your wedding day, to make sure all will be as you desire.



St Mary's has an outstanding pipe organ which fills the church with glorious sound, and we can provide an organist for your wedding at your request.  We also have an excellent sound system with Bluetooth, CD or MP3 capacity.  Or, if you choose to provide live musicians, we have a good-quality piano available and miking for soloists, if desired.


The Ceremony

A wedding at St Mary's is a special experience.  The long aisle leads to a beautiful altar.  The lighting is clear and warm.  Your photographer will find plenty of angles for beautiful shots.  Our experienced people will make sure everything goes smoothly on the day.



You will choose your wedding vows from several options within the Christian tradition, in consultation with the Vicar.  A wedding is a ceremony which builds on the past and looks to the future, and celebrates not only the coming together of two people and two families, but the support of friends and loved ones who witness your love and your commitment to each other.


Wedding ceremony images shown above are courtesy of Charlotte Preen and James Franklin. Photographer: Jemima Helmore