Frequently asked questions

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When planning your event it's easy to get lost in the details - we can help you out with answers to some of the most common questions we are asked.


Can I write my own vows and ceremony?

Yes, you may, in consultation with the Vicar.  St Mary's is an Anglican Church, and we believe that a marriage is a joining of two people in God's love.  There are a few specific promises you must make in order to satisfy spiritual and legal requirements, but there is wide opportunity for making the service your own.

Is it necessary to meet with the Vicar before the ceremony?

Yes, you will meet at least twice with the Vicar to plan your wedding.  The Vicar is not a counselor, but he will want to get to know you both a little in order to help you understand what marriage is, and how to prepare for it.  In addition, he will help you make choices for the ceremony which reflect what you feel for each other.