A place to celebrate
since 1881

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Celebrating Timaru’s Christian community -
now and in the future.

St Mary’s Anglican Church has since 1880 played a prominent role in the Timaru community.  Beautifully situated on a hilltop in central Timaru, St Mary's is rich in tradition and history.  Our open and inclusive congregation make us a welcoming spiritual home for the worship of God and the celebration of Timaru’s Christian community.

What’s on —

Regular Sunday services at 8 and 10 am

Second Tuesday of the month at 12.10pm, Celtic style Communion

Evensong first Sunday of the month 5pm

100 Voices concert, Sunday 1st Sept at 2pm


Images shown on this page are courtesy of Jo Baxter and Vivienne Laursen
Wedding photograph courtesy of Charlotte Preen and James Franklin, photographer Jemima Helmore