Ceremony choices

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When you make your wedding vows, they will be in words that are important to you, that say what you want to say to your beloved.  These are promises you keep to each other.


Your vows:  traditional or modern?

At St Mary's, your Christian wedding service may use the traditional words of "t0 have and to hold, from this day forward."  Or you may choose some more modern language, or even compose your own vows.  While there are some words that must be said in order to show your spiritual and legal commitment to each other, there are many options in the wedding service.  Your Vicar will help you put together the service which will be most meaningful and memorable for you.

What about your family and friends?

A wedding is both a highly meaningful personal event and a celebration which everyone takes part in.  Your family and friends may be included as you wish, to take their parts in this important ceremony.  You will discuss with our vicar how you would like to arrange the service, and there will be time for rehearsal before the ceremony so that all will be well on the day.