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The promises two people make to each other in marriage are perhaps the most important in their lives.  In Christian love, God enters into their vows, and their union is confirmed and blessed.


Two people brought together by God

We believe that two people are brought together in sight of God and the congregation in order to make promises to each other.  God is in the love they feel as they take their vows and begin their life together.

The vows are the start of your new life together

Marriage is of course not just an event.  It is the beginning of your new life together.  What you say to each other in the marriage service should reflect both your knowledge of and love for each other at that moment, built up over the time you've already spent together, as well as the hopes and aspirations you hold for your future life.  Your vows are a solemn commitment you make to the other person and must be true for you at that moment and through the time to come.